NEW! The Ultimate DNS Management Solution

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What it does

Professional DNS Management (self hosted or CTS managed service)

  • Self hosted or Managed DNS Service for those who wanting complete control of their DNS. If managed we host the user interface for you.
  • Users can manage their domains via web interface on the hidden master DNS tool.
  • Full permission system. Admins can create groups, groups can have their domains and users, invisible for other groups. Group users can create subgroups and delegate domain management for some domains to special users.
  • Automatic distribution to your public DNS servers run by cron.
  • If you do not operate own public DNS servers we are able to provide 3 public DNS servers for you.
  • Supports publishing to tinydns, Bind, Bind nsupdate, PowerDNS and others
  • CTS will fully setup the system including distribution to public DNS servers
  • Operating System: FreeBSD. 100% of installation is license free open source software (FOSS)

For whom we built this ultimate solution?

  • Business uses it to have fully control over their domains

Optional services

  • CTS is domain registrar for most TLD’s. Domain registration can be done for you
  • Optimal usage training of your employees and freelancers
  • Commercial maintenance contracts are available to support your installation

Setup and maintenance

  • After discussing your requirements in detail setup mostly can be done remotely or on site by CTS specialists.
  • We offer flat fee full service maintenance and remote update and patch management.


Next step

Contact a CTS Solutions specialist at

  • Austria: +43 57676 5020
  • Germany: +49 8654 772281
  • E-Mail:

to discuss your requirements in detail and receive your personal offer.

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